What’s Coming Up?

In my previous post, there is a lovely photo of Chanie (my beautiful[brown belt karate] daughter), Lyle Lovett (whom no one knows) and me.  This was taken after the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium performance by Lyle and his five piece acoustic band.  This night I was the production assistant (the person who takes care of lunch for the artists…and cold remedies).

The night before, I had opened the show at Calgary’s Jack Singer Auditorium, for Lyle Lovett.  Through much duress, (the details of which I can not impart) I endured to the moment of walking onto the stage.  But the thing that was so epic was that moment when I stood in front of the mic and picked up my guitar, I felt that I had finally come home.  Indeed, I presented one of the most enduring performances, of my own material, ever.

The next night, when we took this picture, I was truly honored when Lyle asked me to sign a copy of my debut CD for him.  Since I was a teenager, I have been a wild fan of Lyle Lovett, so all of this was so sublime, it’s sometimes hard to believe.  I couldn’t make this shit up!

Chanie, Lyle and Ruth at the Northern Jubilee in Edmonton, Alberta September 23, 2014
Chanie, Lyle and Ruth at the Northern Jubilee in Edmonton, Alberta September 23, 2014

Coming up?

Now that my car has been totaled (I’m not the bad guy) and I’m limping around like an old woman, the challenges are sufficient for me to start getting my plans together for the Folk Alliance International in Kansas City, Missouri.  I have been chosen by the Bow Valley Music Club to represent Alberta at this year’s conference in the Alberta Room.  Next Sunday afternoon, February 5, 2017, there will be a fundraiser at the Ironwood Stage and Grill to help artists who will be going to the conference.  Hope to see you there, so I can sell you lots of stuff so that I can do this.  Crazy enough, I’ve decided to go to Nashville after the showcases.

I haven’t been to Nashville since 2014 when I was there writing with Fred Koller.  I hope that he’ll still let me into the bookstore.